Shortcut keys sometimes not working

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes shortcut keys doesn’t work. For example the Brush tool (B), hitting B doesn’t toggle the Brush tool… similar with Eraser tool (E), Marquee tool (M), Play Animation (Enter, which I changed to space bar) etc.
Restarting Aseprite fixes the problem.
I’m using Windows 10, Aseprite v1.2.27
Please let me know if you have the same problem. If no one else has this error then maybe something’s wrong with my PC or there might be another program in the background causing the problem…

Thank you!

I often feel the same about switching between B and E, but always consider my fault. Maybe it could be bug. Then again I felt the same in Photoshop.

More annoying was behaviour of switching to Line tool when pressing M key several times.
But it seems it was fixed.

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