Shortcuts for navigating between the tag groups while in playmode: "Play subtags and repetitions"

It would be great to be able to navigate between the tag groups as we usually move between the animations we work on. When the playmode “Play subtags and repetitions” is active there could be shortcuts for navigating between them.

Considering the proposal of my post: Improving the keyboard navigation with tag groups (Repeat of a tag sequence) which takes the user from the last frame to the first one, this would enable the user to move between sequences without worrying how to get to the next sequence from the current loop.

CTRL + KEYBOARD LEFT OR RIGHT: This would change the current frame to be the first frame of the next or previous tag and stop the playback there.

SHIFT + KEYBOARD LEFT OR RIGHT: This would do the same as above but plays the current tag sequence automatically.

These might not be the best ones and might even be in use but the feature I’m looking for is a way to navigate between groups of tags.