Should i compile aseprite?

It seems like I have to download a lot of software. So I was wondering if there are any differences between if I compile it or if I just buy it. And based on that, should I compile it or just buy it.

Compiling is a hassle and requires some technical know-how. Furthermore, you’d need to compile every new version that comes out if you want to update. If you’re confident in your ability to compile software, go ahead, there is a help channel in the Aseprite discord and some tutorials on youtube.

If you can’t be bothered to download all those tools and take the time (and nerves, lol) to compile, I’d say buy it if you can afford it. It’s a LOT more convenient and you’re supporting the dev :3


i know, thing is. I’m broke. So I think I’m gonna try to compile.

Good luck! If you need help, there is a dedicated channel for compilation problems in the discord. Or, you could post in the help forum, but it would be generally slower to get an answer there.

P.S. Only download the software required for compilation from their official sources/websites. Getting them from shady 3rd party download sites is an easy way to get malware.

got it, thanks for the help.