Show my game character

I’m sorry I don’t browse here very often, I’m Yb-rabbit! An ordinary Chinese high school student, For me, pixel art is a paradise!
Well, as a beginner maybe they are not so perfect, please advise!

bear01come back y3walk2yingghostwaiting-Rowell(leading role)2hRowell(leading role)2h.walk

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I admire the shape and outline of the hood in the center of the image, although I suggest using brighter colors inside the outlines and for outlines within the outer edges. It’s important to consider the overall appearance of the image, including the box-like shape and pastel colors of the humans and bear. When adding shadows, keep in mind that they are somewhat transparent and darken the surface underneath.

I really like your drawings and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

You can tell the difference clearly between the hood and the other sprites because the hood uses shapes to create an organic and round(sometimes sharp) flow while the bodies of the humans are very sharp except for the face, which could be good provided it is what you are trying for.

Here is a color block out of a floating pose of one of the characters I have made. As you can see the shapes used to convey a lot more three-dimensionality or depth, but could still use some refinement.

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Thank you, I will continue to try more styles, your answer helped me a lot :smile: :handshake:

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