Show Path in Export As

From the Export As window, you have to click into the Native Explorer if you want to know the current export location or if one is set.

I think it would be intuitive to display (or have option to display) the file path in Export As window.

Maybe something like this?

being able to straight uip change the direcory by texyt would be indeed a godsend.

Besides, on Linux at least, the path shown when clicking the 3 dots, which remembers the last export location, is not the default path if you just click Export. It gives you the impression that the default path is the last one, whereas in fact, it is Home.

So you just export a bunch of pictures then realise they are all in Home, not in the last location although it’s what is shown when you click the 3 dots.

Showing the output file directory would reveal this bug, so it should probably be fixed at the same time.

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