Simple theme (default with Arial font)

Hi, for those who want a cleaner gui-text, I’ve put together a simple theme.

It is basically the default theme, I just changed the font to Arial and tweaked the cursor,
so I cannot take credit for creating the theme.


or here if above link fails:

Hi, I seem to be having some trouble using this theme. (Running Aseprite on Kubuntu)
I copied the theme folder into /usr/share/aseprite/data/extensions/ and tried to activate it in Aseprite (Edit > Preferences > Theme) and clicked “Select”

It then shows me a perfect Aseprite, looking just the same as before, only with Arial as the font - but when I click “Apply”, it goes back to the Aseprite pixel font and shows the error:

“A problem has occured. Details: There is no default font.”

How can I edit the theme to have the missing default font?

Edited to clarify my question: Where in my filesystem does the theme look for the font it wants to display?

Okay, so the error was on my system’s side - I had to install Arial system-wide (instead of it being available for a single user only).

Works beautifully now and I’m happy I can read all the menus, tooltips, etc.! Thanks @ole!

Great! Glad to hear that you got it working!
Have fun :slight_smile: