Single PNG frame export

I can’t seem to find a simple way to export a single frame PNG. It’s easy enough to export a sequence, but sometimes I need to take many different layers and put them in After Effects for complex animations, or just take a single PNG for marketing purposes. It gets annoying to delete all the other exported frames in the sequence after export. Any way this could be implemented?

Hi @EML, you can use the File > Save Copy As menu option. Check this section in the documentation.

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I think it would be more intuitive to do this:
Save as -> should save only the frame being viewed.
Export -> should indicate if you want to export as spritesheet or individual frames
Well, it’s just my opinion, I’ve been using aseprite for a long time and I still think this.

There are some ideas about this in #1252.

Anyway I think the File > Save As menu should save an exact copy of the whole animation (because we are trying to save the whole sprite just with another file name). And File > Save Copy As contains some "modificators* (resize, layers, frames) because we are trying to save a copy anyway, so no data is lost (the original copy is/must be saved completely).

In other words, I’d not like to have a File > Save As option that doesn’t save all your sprite information (at least not without a warning).

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Thank you :grinning:. This is exactly what I was looking for!

To add my two cents about the menu options, I didn’t find the “save as” dialogue intuitive. I was expecting to save another copy of my Aseprite .ase file (with a different filename). I wasn’t expecting export options.

I think it should be:
Save/Save As: to save your Aseprite (original working format)
Export: to export into a different format (delivery format)

In photography, this is often referred to Working & Delivery formats. A great short write up here:

Actually your approach sounds like the GIMP one (Save has only the .xcf format, Export the other formats). I don’t like this because in case that you want to just edit (e.g.) a .png file, you would like to just use File > Save (you don’t want to edit .ase files, just open the .png, edit it, and save it in the same original format, without “exporting”).

Yes, I think GIMP does this correctly. At least in photographic terms. You never want to edit your original JPEG, that is why you shouldn’t be able to open a photo and save directly over top of it.

Anyway, I understand that others disagree with this approach.