Skew transformation broke my square brush

Hi, just created an account here to share this issue i’m having. After the last update, i decided to use the skew transformation, that glitched. since then, i’m not being able to use the square brush normally, neither use the skew tool itself. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

here goes a link to the video of the problem: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi @Eleonar, there is a known issue (actually several issues) about the skew transformation where the pivot point position can break its behavior:


Here as the pivot is in the same side where you are try to skew, it will not work correctly.

oh thanks for the fast response! but i must ask: is there a way to fix the broken square, or do i have to change the aseprite version? even reinstalling the program and not even using the skew transformation again, its still broken. If i change the version to the old ones thou, it works. thanks again for the response

Oh the broken square brush might be related to the angle (180 in your case), try to set it to 0:


oh dear. thank you

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