Skia "Dependency not allowed" during gn gen

I am attempting to build aseprite on OpenBSD (6.8-CURRENT, amd64). With the aseprite-m81 branch of Skia, the gn gen stage results in:

ERROR at //gn/ Dependency not allowed.
  target(_component_mode, target_name) {
The item //modules/skshaper:skshaper
can not depend on //:skia_private
because it is not in //:skia_private's visibility list: [

Has anyone else seen this error and can point me in the right direction?

A workaround that worked for me was to remove the “visibility” line from my skia root directory’s

Thanks :slight_smile:

Necroing thread because this remains the only way to get skia to build from source. Also, After February 2021 (when you posted this), gn no longer supports set_sources_assignment_filter() which is used in skia.

Build viability is dropping by the day, someone needs to maintain it.