Slice tool improvements

Long time Aseprite user, but first time poster. :slight_smile: If you accept bounties (not quite the right term?), I’d be willing to donate $100 USD to fund the these features. I’ve gotten a ton of value from my regular Ase license already.

I use Ase extensively for Veridian Expanse. It’s great because I can just script Ase right into the asset build pipeline, exporting FX maps directly from layers (glows, normals, specular, etc), and pulling the results right into the texture packer. Being open source means I can just compile it as part of my automated builds too!

Anyway, the feature requests:

  1. Edit slice properties graphically. (Pivot in particular)
    I use slices extensively to mark out sprites and UI elements. Unless I missed some combination of modifier keys, the only way to set pivots or 9 slice borders is typing in numbers. This is fine, I’ve done it like a hundred times, but it would be nice to just click and drag.

  2. Option to move layer content with slices.
    A couple of my sprite sheets are managed by hand, and it would be super handy to have a modifier key or option in the top bar to move the current layer’s content when moving slices. Otherwise it’s a multi-step process to move them because you have to select and move the pixels separately, sometimes using a non-rectangular selection for multiple slices.