Smallest font IN aseprite that looks good

I’m having a hard time, I need to make a ton of Steam Achievements and I need to write text on each one, I don’t want to have to edit the text but when I hit T I can never find a font that actually looks good at a small resolution, the spacing is ALWAYS off and it is very frustrating.

any recommendations? I just want to hit T and type out a word and have it look accurate at like 6 point font.

it sounds like you are trying to use normal fonts, at small scale, without anti-alising. is that correct? because that won’t work - definitely not at sizes like 6 or 8px.
ideally, you want to download or create bitmap font or font created specifically for pixelart. that will have some default size and the text will look correct only at that size or multiples of it.
it could be a bit pain to find the right font for what you need, but once you have it set, you shouldn’t have any issues anymore.

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Look for gameboy fonts. they are super small and very readable.

yes this is what I need, but where do I find such a font? what do I look for?

i personally use bit font maker, there’s plenty of fonts to choose from:
you can make even your own there and download it as .ttf
i’ve tested it couple of years ago and worked without issues.