Smart Objects for quick updates of copies

Dear Aseprite Team,

Sometimes, in a pixel art composition, you have repetitions of the same object in a similar way of a tileset but not necessarily organised in a grid formation.

In that scenario you can’t use the tileset mode yo place them, but if you need to do some adjustments in one of them, you must copy/paste again all of them.

I would like to suggest the implementation o the Smart Object. This way you can place the “copy” wherever you want, but when you change the original object all of them will be automatically updated in place.

Kind regards,

i can see the use but im pretty sure adobe has a patent on smart objects, and i dont see why you cant use tileset mode, since you can have multiple tilesets of differing sizes in a single document.

Hi there! I think this is related to something like this:

Like Adobe Flash instances? where you can place an instance of the same sprite/image multiple times inside the sprite. Or do Smart Objects offer something different?

Some work was done in an experimental extension (but it’s kinda abandoned due lack of funding) that tries to implement something similar using tilesets with tilemaps of 1x1 referencing big tiles for each instance: