Snap to grid leaves 1 pixel

1.I am using snap to grid for fast creating areas. I make tile as brush for painting. I realized it leaves 1 square unpainted.
2.The other problem when i use tile as brush I want to create line to get fast solution and i press shift. Brush moves 1 square far from the origin point and paint the tile wrong.


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Hi @Bora_Kusoglu, what version of Aseprite are you using? Do you have the “RotSprite” algorithm selected in the context bar? Or just the “Fast Transformation”? Are you creating the tiles with the tilemap layer or in a regular layer?

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Hi David,
Version 1.2.33-x64
I don’t have “RotSprite” algorithm. I use tilemap selection by double clicking on the tile. It is normal layer.

this is the most annoying thing for me.

this one snap to grid mode on.

rotsprite is a transformation method you should have it just select something it should apper on the top either “Fast Rotation” or “RotSprite” if it isw on fast rotation change to hotsprite