So when its going to be the next update?

so i know we are all in quarantine and this maybe can drag development but its been a while since the last update ist.
are you guys planning something big or what?

Hi there! We are working on the next big release v1.3 so it will take some time.


so it was something big, great expectations

David, I completely understand that you are a solo developer on this amazing tool and I appreciate all the updates and the stability fixes you constantly release. At this moment, Aseprite is my top fav pixel art tool and couldn’t be more happier with it.
I do look forward to your ‘quality of life’ features that only makes this app better and better!
If you do release a big update, I’m happy to pay for a next version of the app - cheers!


can i get an update in the situation regarding the next version dacap

Hi there @Ethan_Buttazzi, we’re planning the first public beta between March~April if everything goes ok (no big/hard bugs to fix appears).


nice i am exited to try it.

How much money do I need to dorants for an iPad version.,


yessss!!! we need aseprite on iPad! Will buy it for sure!

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im pretty sure this is on the roadmap but dont get your hopes too high, they would need to completely rework the ui to fit ipad nessesities and they still dont have complete customization of the ui now so we will need to wait a bit.
also wtf is dorant?

I think “dorants” was a typo of “donate”.

@lost-rabbit Aseprite doesn’t have a donation box or a feature-sponsoring programme, AFAIK. If you want to push up development on the mobile version, you’ll probably need to personally negotiate something like hiring an extra dev to work alongside the main devs rather than a simple donation, and that’ll probably be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.


I don’t want to hijack this thread, but iPad + Apple Pencil + Sidecar (built into Mac/iPad) + Aseprite is a fantastic experience. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but it’s well worth setting up (and very easy to do)

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Could you describe more? What I want to get better understanding of are things like:

  • is there any requirements regarding on which screen Aseprite has to be placed and if it has to be fullscreen or cannot be fullscreen mode
  • what is shown on the main screen and what is shown on the iPad
  • are there any limitations in comparison to drawing on a single screen, with mouse?

I am thinking about buying an iPad for some purposes, using it as a drawing tablet as one among them. I have no experience with iPad w/ Pencil nor with Sidecar, so my questions above can sound strange due to my lack of know-how in area :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll do my best to explain. Let me know if I miss anything.

  • There are no requirements in terms of which screen, but its best to think of the iPad as a second monitor, that you can also draw on. The iPad will display any app that you drag on to it (like a second monitor)
  • As above. Personally I had nothing on my main screen except some reference images. Aseprite was full screen on the iPad.
  • The biggest limitation is you still need the keyboard if you want to do any shortcuts (copy, paste, select the brush tool). Its technically possible to walk away from your desktop with the iPad and continue to draw, I’ve found it easier to have the main computer close by so I can position the keyboard and use my typical shortcuts.

Sidecar was initially tricky to setup because I wasn’t running the latest Mac OS. Its also worth noting that older iPads and older Macs don’t support sidecar, so make sure to search that yours is compatible (last few years should be fine).

The pencil is very accurate, but I sometimes still swap back to mouse. I find the iPad is great for blocking out larger pieces, then swapping over to the mouse for the details, but either works.
Its hard to tell, but I did the following with the iPad (no mouse): Time lapse of patrol bot - YouTube Its not a great piece of art, but shows a more fluid drawing experience.

Again, best way to think about it is like a second monitor that you can draw on. You can drag windows to/from, position as you like, etc. I’d imagine its similar to a Surface hooked up to a secondary monitor. Two screens, one with touch input.

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so did a big har bug to fix apper?

There are a lot of regressions (bugs that weren’t present in v1.2.25) but we’ll try to fix as much as possible (and see if it’s better to release before all fixes or just release the beta as it is).

well implement tiling a totally new system is bound to create annoying bugs but as long the beta is usable, wont it be better to have the community give more insight on bugs and possible fixes?

No if there are several bugs that are quite easy to replicate (which is the case). That would generate a lot of emails, issues, community posts, steam posts, twitter DMs, user support tickets, etc. Would be something impossible to handle for us.

well ok then