[SOLVED] How do I use Aseprite to open multiple files on the same layer? I wish to use Aseprite to cut all their canvas' at once

I have many other files like this, let’s just say Kindle Comics are kinda hard to properly turn into file comics

Hi @SwordSorcery2020, it says “solved” but it would be nice if you share your solution (so other users can find this post and the solution).

Okay, will do

First, rename multiple files, don’t attach any letters just number them from the start like

01 or 1

Then everything else is just numbers

Then select multiple files on the window and you will see at least 10-20 of them on a single file-layer

Then you can change the canvas…check first in case you cut parts of the page you’ll be wondering where it is, before you slap yourself in the head for cutting it off

Ok so you basically import them as an animation ?

Yup, just remember, not every single image shows up on the single aseprite file/tab

I like how Aseprite’s helpful for other image based applications.