[Solved] UX Suggestion - Assign a Shortcut Key to Rename Layers

Hi there - I have a feature request as I cannot spot this option anywhere. As a user I am very organized with my layers and groups. This means that every time I have to rename a Layer / Group - the only way to do that is by double clicking on the layer name. Can you please assign a keystroke function to that command so I can assign a shortcut key to that function.


Hi @devilsgarage, actually there is already a shortcut to open the Layer Properties dialog which is Shift+P, also you don’t need to press Enter key to close the dialog/accept the new name. So you can use Up/Down key to switch to other layer and then press Shift+P (Layer > Properties menu option) to focus the layer name field.

Finally from Edit > Preferences you can assign other keyboard shortcut for Layer > Properties menu in case you find Shift+P uncomfortable.

All great suggestions, thanks a ton Dacap!