Some characters I made for an game I'm going to make

These are some characters for an Stardew Valley like game I’m working on, you guys and critique my art, I need opinions so my game can be good. PS: I am an 8 Year-Old.
character sheet

Heya, that seems fun! I think one idea for a critique would be to think about the silhouette and perspective of the player character in the world.

When comparing your character to a character in Stardew Valley we can find a few noticeable differences.

  • Firstly, the Stardew Valley character has a different default pose, standing in the A pose instead of the T-pose.

  • Secondly, there are colored lines around the Stardew Valley character instead of just black lines.

  • Thirdly, the eyes of the Stardew Valley character have whites (with upper shadows) to them.

  • Fourthly, the hair and pants of the Stardew Valley character have shading. Lastly, the crotch line of the Stardew Valley character is less noticeable as the game has a mostly top-down perspective, which reduces the distance between the legs and the feet.


The top-down perspective means you can see more of the top of objects and of characters, so keep that in mind. (Example: Top of feet facing downward and to each side, as well as the top of the hair,)

Another thing I noticed is that your character’s head does not have long enough hair to cover up any ears, you can see in this side view that the character has ears. At the very least I would suggest considering how most people have sideburns next to their ears. Even if you end up stylizing the character so the ears are not very noticeable keep in mind whether it looks natural or more like a balloon.

Here are some of my own sprites with ears:

While searching for images from Stardew Valley I found an interesting video on Top-Down Sprites which I would consider watching:

Let me put some things to note, #1 My character is T-Posing just for testing purposes, I’m not having that the main pose. #2 I think that works a lot, I’ll try doing colored outlines. #3 Same as #2 I’ll do that. #4 I’ll try adding more detail to the body too. #5 I’ll do ears, just when I tried I failed because of it looking like an lemon, but I have an idea. Also this is not an fan-game nor clone, it’s an game inspired by the series. Thank you for your recommendations and I will change it.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 120726
Does this work? (I just realized I didn’t do the eyes).