Some of my artworks

I ve made this weeks ago and I would like to know what people think about him. Im planning to make a game and I really need to know if my art is decent enough for a game with modern pixel art:

I ve got inspiration from cowboy and aviator clothes.

And I also made this one inspired on Jason Voorhees:

I have other stuffs on my deviantart page if someone is interested:


This is amazing… I could never do anything like this. You have definitely developed your own style and it looks amazing. I am making a game using aseprite for the art and I think you should go for it your art is amazing.

Pretty good. The first character is a little hard to make out. I think there may be too much detail to understand what is what. I would try animating, next.

It’s really good! The face on the first image is a little bit tricky to see though because of all the details but I love your style! :smile: