Some Pixels Are Missing When I Create a CSS File


Hi - I am trying to save an image as a CSS file and then load it in Excel. However, I am finding that not all of the pixels are being saved in Aseprite. (Hence I cannot do the task.) If you look at my graphics file you can see that there is an 85 19 and an 87 19, but no 86 19.

Is this an error with Aseprite or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any comments!

hi, empty pixels aren’t stored in css file.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but how do I know if there is an empty pixel? From what I recollect all of the cells were filled in a colour other than white.

not a silly question at all.
if the sprite has just one layer, you can ctrl + click on it and make a selection and check the boundaries. for gif and png files you can use tools like online PJ Image Inspector v2.0 which will show you if there are any transparent pixels.

however, since you already have a reasonable suspicion that 86, 19 might be empty, just check the pixel at that position. status bar at a bottom will show you coordinates under the cursor:

to make it more visible, you can create a layer with some strong colour like pure green or red at the bottom of a layer stack.

also, if this image
is from excel, you may want to make sure the css was imported correctly and 86px 19px value is actually missing.