Some questions about Language Extension

  1. about &
selected_cels = Selected
selected_cels_tooltip = Apply to the active selection in the timeline
all_cels = All
all_cels_tooltip = Apply to all cels in the sprite
ok = &OK      # <--------------- This
cancel = &Cancel
preview = &Preview
tiled = &Tiled

How does it actually work? Is it associated with the first letter?

Hi @TakWolf, generally it should be associated with the first letter, and every button in the same dialog that has the mnemonic should have a different one so there are no conflicts between buttons (so you can press Alt+O to activate the OK button, or Alt+C to activate the Cancel button, etc.).

Generally it depends on the specific dialog and the language. And that is just for the dialogs, the main menu has its own mnemonics but specified as keyboard shortcuts. For example:

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