Soul Destroying Lag + Eye Dropper Issue

I love this program, I bought a copy of the same version (for a PC) without any issues and want to buy another copy for my Mac.

I downloaded the trial program last week on my iOS but there’s so much lag that it’s effectively unusable; I run 3D modelling software on his comp without lag issues so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Also, when I was trying to use it I noticed that if my brush size was larger than 1px I couldn’t use the eye dropper hot key.

Is this just a Mac compatibility problem?

Thank you,


P.s I’ve done some trouble shooting based on other posts, my screen size is set to 100% my preview windows and file sizes are small.

@ABarattin - I have a quick question for you, albeit off-topic to a degree, and yet was hoping you’d oblige me.

With regard to your statement, I was hoping you could and would point me in the direction of the iOS trial program. Would you please provide me a link to how I could grab a copy for myself?

Many Thanks,

There is no version for iOS, I guess @ABarattin meant macOS.

What version of macOS are you running?

I’m not aware of this issue. I can press I or Alt keys correctly to use the eyedropper.

@dacap - It’s a shame there is not one but, I do appreciate the quick response. I guess I will have to settle for the great macOS version. :wink: