Spray Tool, Paint Continuously

Is there a setting to make the spray tool paint continuously, like in Microsoft Paint, or a different way to get the same effect? I’m down to do some coding and I looked through the scripting API, but I couldn’t find anything which would allow me to make a brush like this. Thanks!

Aseprite v1.2.29-x64, on Ubuntu

The spray tool sprays any time you move your cursor, even if you’re still on the same pixel. So, just gently moving your cursor back and forth or in a small circle achieves that effect, and with finer control over the amount of spray than a continuous spray would give you.

Hey, thanks for your reply! That’s an option I hadn’t considered. Although, I’m looking for continuous spray because I like being able to vary the density by moving the brush faster/slower.

Ah, yeah, nothing great for that. You can achieve it by jittering your cursor while moving in your intended direction and thus speed will naturally affect density, but that takes practice to do well since you have to do two types of movement at the same time. Would be nice to see a toggle or a slider for spray repeat built into Aseprite for this sort of thing.

If your goal is to vary density in different areas, it might be easier to achieve via layering instead, i.e. painting over the parts that need to be denser to build up the spray.

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Those are some great ideas and I’m going to try them. Maybe I won’t need continuous spray. Thank you!