Sprites Not Very Clear


I have just created a sprite earlier but when I saved it it’s not very clear. You can’t see the image. Image below.

I would really appreciate the help

Thank you.


This image is 20 by 20 pixels

Looks perfectly clear to me? Are you sure you’re not just zooming in on it in a program that blurs images when it scales them up? Most programs aren’t designed for viewing small pixel art scaled up, so if you want your art to look good in them, you’ll need to pre-scale your art. Aseprite’s Export feature has options for that.

@eishiya Thank you.

Can I change my art if possible through the aseprite engine. What steps do I follow?

File > Export.... Change the Resize value to something above 100%, depending on how big you want the sprite to me.

You can also resize the original image with Sprite > Sprite Size..., but this will make subsequent edits to the sprite harder. I recommend doing the resizing when you export.

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@eishiya Thank you.

But when you say export do you mean to export it to a game?

I will come back when I try and run into a problem.

I mean “export” as in use Aseprite’s export feature to make your PNG file, instead of Save/Save As, so you get those extra options to scale your art without modifying your original file. How you use that exported file is up to you. In general, for sharing art on social media not specialised for pixel art, you’ll want to export your art scaled up so that it shows up big and clear.

@eishiya Would I still be fine using these 20 by 20 assets in my game?

Yes! The scale you use depends on how you want your game set up! Using the 20x20 assets and scaling them in game would reduce the texture size of your game and most games use the original sizes for that reason, but I have seen some people prescale assets for their games too.

@eishiya When I Export and Scale by 100% it is still 20X20.

100% is “no scale”. I recommended in my post to set it to “something above 100%”. 200% would make it 40x40, 300% would make it 60x60, and so on.

Which Scale is 32

32 what? If you want your sprite to be 32x32px, you’ll have to redraw it, as you can’t scale 20 to 32 without distortions since 32 is not a multiple of 20 (and for that reason, the Export menu doesn’t give the option).

To be honest, I’m very confused by what you’re trying to achieve.

ok then.
Thanks for your help.