Square appear when replace color?

I want to change the color of the border here, but when i use the color replacement option a weird square is created at the borders:

The square will be of the base color, and when give ok it doesn’t disappear, it completely surrounds what i draw.

If notice the bottom left corner, the square even cuts on what i drew.

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try using contiguous on paint bucket, if it doesn’t work you must have a similar color around the image.

Ok I see what’s happening, your transparency is black.

If you could somehow send me the file I would like to look into his more.

Okay, here:

It was supposed to be a pixel art radish.

Try to replace color in layer 1 (where the radish is), a black square will appear bordering the radish on the back, even if my background is transparent.

The continuous paint bucked wouldn’t help here so if i want to replace all the black border all i can do is replace the black color.

If you turn on “8-connected” in the paint bucket options, that should fill your border, since everything’s connected by their corners.


For one thing, you have 2 layers both with the radish body.

The top layer does almost nothing.
Tried the 8-connected thing but it made the selection go through the outline. I just filled in the inside of the reddish and made sure there was a separate color in the palate for black and transparencyimage

If you add a transparency color to your palate, (and btw there are 2 colors in your border, black for the inside of the leaf and grey for the outside of the leaf and the radish body.) then it should work fine.
Zippyshare.com - Video of it working.

i came across this problem today as well.

to get this problem the following must occur:

  1. sprite is in indexed mode
  2. there are transparent pixels
  3. transparent colour is something else than index 0
  4. you’re trying to replace index 0.
    in that case replace colour will fill the area outside the image boundary with target colour. if you try to replace other indices, everything works as expected.

this seems to be a bug, because:
pixels outside image boundary are filled - there seems to be no reason for that.
when you use colour picker on surrounding areas, you will get transparent index colour (just as you would expect).
when replacing other indexes than #0, replace colour works fine.