Standard zoom settings/steps & UI colors


Just making a few suggestions here:

• It would be nice to have the fixed zoom settings with more steps in-between (e.g. 75%, 125%, 150%, etc.), as you use the scroll wheel of the mouse;

• it would also be nice to have the option to quickly set custom colors via the options to easily change the UI colors; this would be about having very basic settings to set the UI colors.



The reason you can’t zoom to more in-between steps is because Aseprite is designed for pixel art, and if you zoom 125% your art will become distorted, so it’s locked to whole zoom steps so all the pixels remain equal size. If you zoom 150% then that means half of the pixels are twice as big.



I also use it for having an overview in certain cases, if necessary.



+1 easy customer UI colors would be fun to have, eventually…