Standard zoom settings/steps & UI colors

Just making a few suggestions here:

• It would be nice to have the fixed zoom settings with more steps in-between (e.g. 75%, 125%, 150%, etc.), as you use the scroll wheel of the mouse;

• it would also be nice to have the option to quickly set custom colors via the options to easily change the UI colors; this would be about having very basic settings to set the UI colors.


The reason you can’t zoom to more in-between steps is because Aseprite is designed for pixel art, and if you zoom 125% your art will become distorted, so it’s locked to whole zoom steps so all the pixels remain equal size. If you zoom 150% then that means half of the pixels are twice as big.


I also use it for having an overview in certain cases, if necessary.

+1 easy customer UI colors would be fun to have, eventually…

Allow me to revive this thread. While i like it to be easy to zoom to whole pixel sizes, it would make the user experience a lot more smooth, if you could zoom in/out gradually. You get a crisp look with whole pixels, but with an hd+ monitor eg. 150% can still look sharp.

Like in photoshop when holding alt/cmd+space and dragging the mouse, and it zooms like a camera lens – or at least have some more steps.

Mostly i miss ctrl/cmd+0 , which in Aseprite enlarges the pic to largest whole pixels and in ps makes the picture fill the screen completely. I miss that feature from ps a lot in Aseprite!

SO, if anyone sees this who knows how to script for Aseprite (i only do visuals myself) – a script for this would be really appreciated! I don’t know if it’s on the milestone for Aseprite, but don’t think so?

I’m quite convinced the reason people want middle steps for zoom is actually because of the default 200% screen scaling which makes the first zoom step feel massive. I always recommend people to switch to 100% screen scaling 200% ui scaling to fix it.

Also you really don’t get a good look at anything with half steps tbh. Even if you’re zoomed out to only
150% with a high res monitor you’re still getting massive distortion in your image.


Maybe if there could be a setting to enable more steps manually, like an input box that shows all the steps and you can just add “, 150,” to add another one, but imo it’s mostly pointless and as default it would be a very bad idea.