Steam download fails at 6%

Steam download for Aseprite fails, after it starts at around 6% it gives an error “content unavailable”.
I tried everything from changing download region to uninstalling steam itself, and still nothing changes. I tried installing it on different drives, and everything else in steam downloads normally. Also the speed for the download is incredibly low (around 100kb), even though I have a powerful SSD and speedy internet connection.
I cleared %appdata% folder, updated windows, updated steam, reinstalled steam, reinstalled Aseprite, and still nothing works.
I really need to work, so can anyone help me, I can provide more information if needed.

Okay so I’m not the only one with the same issue? Because I was trying to troubleshoot this for the past half an hour.

" 1. For people that own Aseprite do you guys have the issue where it wont let you update it? Or it will update but it’ll freeze at a spot? I’ve been looking at troubleshoots for the past hour trying to figure this out but I’m honestly losing my mind. Any recommendations?
(I did uninstall and try reinstalling it too, Clearing my download cache on steam too)
Its only aseprite too anything I install works just find except aseprite."

Ok so it might be a problem from steam itself, but I didn’t found anything related to this topic. Hopefully it is something that gets fixed.

I found that a bunch of people are talking about it on steam right now too, so we’re both not alone on this!

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It seems that it updated on my end, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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No problem! :slight_smile:

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