Steam workshop implementation

Right now scripts are a bit hard to come by and i think i have a solution for that.
The Aseprite steam workshop !
By simply adding a workshop it would a grow the scripting community and B make scripts easier to come by and install !


On one hand, I like this idea a lot.

On the other, the Steam Workshop makes it very tempting to just post your scripts and other extensions there and not upload it anywhere where people not using Aseprite through Steam can access it. Steam doesn’t let people download the assets freely, so Workshop stuff is essentially locked to just Steam users. So, it would grow the Steam-based scripting community, while leaving everyone else with less stuff, and I don’t like that.

I feel like some sort of distribution platform accessible to all Aseprite users would be much better, perhaps even with an extension browser available in Aseprite.

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Well i think that’s a even better idea a extension browser built on Aseprite would allow all users to have a easy way to get extentions

Hi :wave: There are plans for a Aseprite Store and @martincapello is working on the backend part at the moment. There is no ETA yet.


great! from what ive seen this is on a website is there any plans of implementing the store on aseprite itself?

Probably it will be a website but with a special URL handler so clicking a “Install” button from the website will start the installing process in the Aseprite app automatically.


That would be awesome!