Strange brush latency/artifacting with drawing tablet


I was playing around with my drawing tablet and noticed brush artifacts. Below in the image, you can see two black circles on the left that were both made using my drawing tablet. The one furthest on the left was made using the default aseprite brush, and the one in the middle was made with a custom anti-aliased brush I made (that isn’t really relevant though as the artifact can be seen in both of the black circles). As you can see, the curves of those circles appear to be bumpy.

The red circle was made using my mouse and the custom anti-aliased brush I made. The red circle is pretty smooth all around without those strange bumpy curves. This bumpy artifact only happens when I use my drawing tablet (XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro). Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions?

P.S. I also noticed that this bumpy artifact happens even with my mouse when I zoom out to the max and draw. It just happens less with the mouse and more with the drawing tablet, almost as if it’s some kind of latency issue. It’s also worth noting that I’m working with a 1920x1080 canvas.