Streamer mode in aseprite

Hello! It would be cool if there was a “streamer mode” in aseprite, that hides recent files and directories (like the name of my pc or what files i used recently and my recent folders)

It should also have a overlay text that remembers you that the streamer mode is enabled

Yeah, that feature would be very cool! Since a lot of stuff on my PC under NDA.

Hi @Cyan,

This might not be exactly what you’re asking for, but there are some options in place:

To prevent the Home tab from showing when you open Aseprite, go to Edit > Preferences > General tab and uncheck the Show Home Tab when Aseprite is started option. If you ever want to open Home manually, you can press Ctrl+H or go to View > Home.

To hide complete file paths, go to Edit > Preferences > Files and uncheck the Show full file name path option.

Also in that section, you can control the number of Recent Items listed with a slider just above that check box. You can clear the recent files history both in preferences and under File > Open Recent.