Subnautica fanart


What do you guys think about this animation??

the leviatham could be more sudden you put too many frames into it so its a scare but not as sudden

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It’s OK, smooth animation makes it more perceptible and felt… rather than just toony

i mean, i think the motive here was to give us a scare, but the animation was too smooth to convey the velocity well which degraded the scare quite a bit also if we are going for a bit of reliasm a predador lunche is always too quick, the prey almost never sees it coming, here you can see it coming but you just cant move fast enough

Yeah, I tried to go for like a “jumpscare” kinda thing but ended up making the Leviathan so detailed that I wanted it to be appreciated instead of just showing up and leaving in 1 frame, so the scary effect dissapeared a bit. Thank you for your comments!