[Sugestion] Move layer in Aseprite like Photoshop

Hello guys, first of all , i love this tool. It helped me a lot when drawing sprite/ But i find out the layer moving is kinda difficult to move layer up or down. :smiley: I hope the dev can improve the layer settings if it possible. Thanks you

Hi, I’m new to the forums but thought I would mention that it is possible to move the layers inside of Aseprite, much like Photoshop. The trick is how you grab the layer to move. Grabbing the centre of the layer will cause you to go into a selection mode for grabbing multiple layers, instead you need to select the layer, (clicking it is just fine) so that it is highlighted, and then hovering over the edge of the layer so a move cursor appears. Then just drag the layer and two little guides will appear to show you where the layer is going to merge between.

hi guys, what do you mean “like in photoshop”? i just tried it and move tool with both auto select layer on and off works same as in photoshop (with exception that you cannot use shift key with auto select on to select more layers).

if you mean ability to shift layer with up, down, left and right keys that would be awesome as moving it by 1 pixel with hand is kinda fiddly.

i often use ctrl+a to select whole layer, hit “m” to select marquee tool and then cursors keys work for shifting layer around. which is far from ideal.