Suggestion "Clear cell/s"

Hola, me gustaría sugerir una opción rapida en el menu de celda.
“Clear cell/s”

Borra el contenido de las celda/s seleccionada/s.
No borra el frame, solo limpia la celda de pixeles.
De modo que no hay que estar borrando una a una, con esta opción seleccionas las celdas que quieres limpiar y usas la opción.

Hello, I would like to suggest a quick option in the cell menu.
“Clear cell / s”

Deletes the content of the selected cells / s.
It does not erase the frame, it only clears the pixel cell.
So you do not have to erase one by one, with this option you select the cells you want to clean and use the option.

I don’t know if this is the expected behavior, but you can select several cels from the timeline and press the Delete key (or Edit > Delete menu option) to clear all the selected cels content.

P.S. the bad side is that cels are removed, so if there are linked cels, links are lost. Known issue.

Ah, desconocía esta función, yo borraba una a una.
Ok, entonces lo que yo proponía es justo esto.

Ah, I did not know this function, I deleted one by one.
Thank you!.
Ok, then what I proposed is just this.