Suggestion with layers

Hello, another suggestion.
Would it be possible to add the option that, when saving in PNG, some layers are not included in the PNG ?.
That is, I make my tileset in two layers, one I use for black background and in the other I make the tileset, when I save in PNG I do not want the black layer to be included in the resulting image, then would it be possible to do this somehow ?.
That is, indicate the layers that will be included in the PNG image.

Hola, otra sugerencia.
¿Sería posible añadir la opción de que, a la hora de salvar en PNG, algunas capas no se incluyan en el PNG?.
Es decir, yo hago mi tileset en dos capas, una la uso para fondo negro y en la otra hago el tileset, a la hora de salvar en PNG no quiero que la capa negra se incluya en la imagen resultante, entonces ¿sería posible hacer esto de algún modo?.
Es decir indicar las capas que se incluirán en la imagen PNG.

By simply hiding a layer it will be excluded from the .png file when Exporting, so you can do it that way if it works for you, as it says “visible layers”. You can also select specific layers to export by clicking them while holding shift, then picking selected layers in the export dialogue.

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I was referring more to enabling an option in each layer. This option will indicate if the layer should be included in the PNG, with this option you should not be enabling / disabling layers, I think it would be more practical than all existing options right now.
Thanks for the help.

Yo me refería más a habilitar una opción en cada capa. Esta opción indicará si la capa debe incluirse en el PNG, con esta opción no habría que estar habilitando/desabilitando capas, creo que sería más practica que todas las opciones existentes ahora mismo.

Sometime ago I thought about a “layer set/tag” feature, where we can select several layers and mark then as a set:

That might be useful in several cases (and I think it might fix this issue too).

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it would be nice to be able to change the color of the layer to make it easier to see

Do you mean something like this? It’s already possible from the Layer Properties dialog:


Wow, did not you know I could do this

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