Super Dungeon Designer

Hi everyone!

It’s my first time writing here, although I’ve been using Aseprite for a few hundred hours now (and I still think I’ve only rescued the surface!).

First of all, thanks to all those people who make the wonderful scripts that many of us use and don’t even say thank you.

What I wanted to comment is that I have found, by chance, a game called “Super Dungeon Maker” . It is a game with a similar idea to “Super Mario Maker”, where you can customize dungeon and I think there is a good idea behind it, but I was a little disappointed to see that they do not allow you to customize anything in terms of appearance. By chance, I also stumbled upon another similar game called “Super Dungeon Designer”. In principle they have commented that there will be no customization of tiles, characters and objects, BUT they have also included that if it is something that the community asks for, they could consider it.

I’ve already gone crazy thinking about a script that communicates the game directly with Aseprite, creating objects and being able to see them directly ingame or testing different tiles. Maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard.

I’m sorry I don’t bring you any script (they still seem like magic stuff to me), but maybe someone will be as excited about this possibility as I am. We could fill the Steam page asking for this possibility.

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