Swap color button for replace color

I often find myself pressing “shift + R” to find that the colors are in the wrong place. A simple swap button in the “Replace Color” window would be a great help for clumsy people like me. Also having one on the main window wouldn’t hurt either.

on the paint bucket tool there should be a thing thing that says contiguous? Uncheck it and you can replace any color with another, just paint over a color you want to change with a color you have selected from your color pallette/ color wheel

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Thanks, this works. I still hold that a simple swap button would help. I’ll certainly do what you suggested in the future but I’m afraid I’m just moving one problem from one place to another since I’m used to the bucket doing one thing only. I’ll surely forget the box you mentioned either checked or unchecked and it’s gonna drive me mad at some point.

Now you can brush my issue aside like it’s something pathetic and you might be right. But the usefulness of a swap button can extend beyond this I think.

Even a swap color hotkey / key combo would do.

That’s actually easy to implement with a script/extension, I wrote one so if you’re interested you can download it - HERE.

It adds a new command called Swap Colors, it’s not under any menu but you can find it in the Keyboard Shortcuts if you search for it. By default, it has a keyboard shortcut Shift+W assigned to it but you can set it to whatever you prefer. :v:

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Thank you thkwznk. To my shame though, while installing your extension I found out that Aseprite already has a built in swap colors function hotkey but it’s called “Switch Colors” and it uses “X” by default. Sorry for wasting your time guys…

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Oh, I had no idea about that either :sweat_smile: Thanks, I learned something new!

Still was a good opportunity to test extensions with keyboard shortcuts so no time was wasted.