Switch edit Palette mode Preferences(?)

Hey, I frecuently used the switch edit (f4) but I want to that everytime I openned it, it appears in HSV color mode, can I make this?

This was addressed here: How can I change HSV for the current color of my brush? - #4 by dacap

Unfortunately, right now the sliders are based on which colour pick mode was used to sample the colour the first time. I think only way to change the default slider for your swatches is to

  1. place them all down on a canvas
  2. delete the colours on the palette (make sure you’re in RGB mode so you keep the colours you placed down)
  3. Set the Eyedropper tool to Pick “RGB+Alpha”
  4. Pick each colour with the Eyedropper and add it to the palette.

Amusingly, I have the opposite problem, I’d like to use HSV but my palette was created with RGB colour picking so I always get the RGB sliders. Fortunately I don’t need to edit my colours often so I’m holding out for the ability to pin sliders independently of how the colour was created.

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thanks anyways <3

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