Switch from eraser to pencil after using eye dropper or pressing E again

Maybe it’'s just me, but for some reason, I keep expecting to switch to a drawing tool after using the eye dropper, so I’ll erase a bit, eye dropper, then go to “draw” but instead erase more. I think it would be nice if using the eye dropper switched back to the drawing tool.

Also, it’d be nice if tapping the E key again returned to the previously used tool.

Just some little quality of life things.

An option is to set E to Eraser (quick) instead of just Eraser which will make it go back to the previous tool when you release it. Just like how Alt works for the Eyedropper. Also binding one to right click if you don’t use that for something else already.

Ah, yeah, that’s better. I wonder if that should be the default. I guess everybody is going to be expecting different things. I think all the drawing programs I use have different eraser behavior, haha.

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Part of the reason why the current default behavior makes sense, is that you can click (get color), right click (get secondary color), or hold either if you are scanning through multiple colors, without it auto switching back. Since most people use (or should be using) hotkeys, they can instantly switch to whichever tool they are about to use, whereas if it automatically switches, it may not even be switching to the tool that you intend to use.

In my work flow, my left fingers are basically always resting on C and D, which I use for eyedropper and brush, since I switch back and fourth constantly.

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