Switching layer by mistake

Something that happen to me all the time, and I wondered if you had some tips to avoid it :slight_smile:

  • I’m working on several frames of a specific layer
  • I click on another frame, but don’t notice that it changed the selected layer as well
  • I continue working on the wrong layer for a while, until i finally notice (sometimes waaaay later)

So far I’ve found 2 ways of avoiding this :

  • Locking all other layers (but I tend to forget to do this sometimes)
  • Use keyboard instead of mouse to change layer (meaning I can’t be working with a tool that takes keyboard inputs, like selections for example)

Any idea ? :smile:

I was doing this a lot , and pretty sure auto select layer on the move tool was causing it, try switching that off.

I use the lock all layer button pretty regularly now also , its very helpful but you got to remind yourself :slight_smile: