Symmetry Options

Diagonal simmetry options would be really useful, it would help a lot when making swords and such.


This sounds like a strange feature you are asking… I would just use the line tool. Is there a specific reason? because this would be a very rare case of use imo.

Well, not every shape is a line when doing a sword, and then you need to copy your first side of the sword and redraw it, but I get confused really often and mess it up, over all it doesn’t feel like a hard feature to do.

Would you show me how you are copying it?

Diagonal symmetry would save time in roughing out RPG weapon icons, even if it’s not that useful for anything else. Would’ve really liked that feature last time I worked on an RPG.
The only other scenario I can think of for this is helping with diagonal angles for top-down driving games and shmups. Definitely not a commonly needed feature, but if it’s not terribly hard to add, it would still be nice to see.