Tablet and dual monitor problem

I have a wacom tablet.
I have the tablet set to project on a single monitor.
I have two monitors.

The problem:
Aseprite does not respect this.
Aseprite projects the tablet on the two monitors.
When I select another program, the tablet is projected on a single monitor correctly.

What OS is this?

I’m on Windows and have the same set-up (except on 1.2.29), but Aseprite respects my setting just fine. Have you tried the other Tablet modes? I’m using Wintab. It’s possible that the mode you have selected bypasses the region setting in the driver.

Sorry but I don’t understand you, what other tablet modes are you referring to?.

The tablet modes you can set in Aseprite. Edit > Preferences > Tablet

Ok, I have tried all the modes and have restarted aseprite several times but neither mode has worked.
Aseprite does not respect projection to a monitor.
I use Win10 64.

I noticed in your settings screenshot above, Aseprite was listed as a separate entry. Do you perhaps also need to set the screen subsetting for that separately?

True, the problem was that in that configuration I had the projection to both monitors, I had not checked that, now it works correctly.