Tag Names on PNG Export

Hi there, for my team’s Godot development environment, we use PNG exports from master Aseprite files on an entire character’s animation set. A problem that we run into is when we have to shift the animations around or add one between two other animations. We use named tags to label everything, but when exporting PNGs, the file names are in a numbered list (ex. charactername 001, 002, etc.).

This causes the indexes for an animation set to be messed up inside of Godot, since the numbered names now refer to different animation frames.

A solution I’d like to propose is having the animation tag names in the exported PNG’s file names. (ex. charactername walk 001, charactername jump 005, etc.) This would allow exporting to Godot, or any game engine that uses PNGs to handle animated sprites to be much less of a headache when animation and code creation is happening side-by-side.

Hi @Emnesium, I’m not sure if I understood it correctly, but probably you are looking for something like -save-as {tag}{tagframe001}.png (?)