Tag Sequences (Formed by ligning them next to each other)

One playmode could be “play through all subsequenced tags” because sometimes you want to improve a certain section of frames. These tag sequences could be seperated by a empty frame. This way multiple animations could be run in the same file having multiple tags. I could only have a “Player” named file which would have “Tag Sequences” separated by untagged frame.

Image 1: The empty frame [23] separates these two animation groups so they can be played and previewed separately.

In the example I have multiple animations in the same file and the attack sequence will be continuous in my game if the player keeps hitting the attack button. For being able to put them next to each other I would be able to play them all as a “Tag Sequence Group”.

If I want to separate the last continuous attack from the base attack I could only just insert a new frame without a tag and only first two would be applied to the preview.

Quite specific feature but could be quick to implement in case it’s possible to check if the next frame is populated with tag.