Text not displaying

When I enter text, I just get a black box. What am I forgetting to do? The foreground and background colours are different.

Think something went wrong with that video ^^ It’s tiny tiny.

You’re totally correct. I’ve uploaded ti to YouTube instead.

Not to drive you nuts, but I wish I could see the entire program. :smile: Would help to see all the settings. I’m not sure what would cause this but I’ll check a bit more.

However, I think this has to do with using a background layer. Especially when you’re in indexed color mode, the background layer will strictly not have transparency and when you create text on top of it it will use the current designated transparency color as background (which usually is index-0, which is usually a black).

So if you have a black color selected as foreground color, it will create black text with black “transparency”, which isn’t actually transparency because it’s on a background layer.

Try creating a new layer and making the text there.