Text not showing properly when used a lower font size

Im using calibril font and for testing is used 12 for font size it was showing it correctly , but when i use 6 font size it looks disoriendted probably

here is 12 font size


and here is 6 font size

//i will add in comment as im not allowed to add more than two image currently due to new user

what im tying to do is to make a keyboard with a missing key called delete , but when im using small font this is what i got , also if try to resize the 12 font to fit it in the button the text get disorient

Here is the image for 6 font size


I think the issue is just that Calibri is too large a font to be displayed properly at 6px.

Depending on what your end-use is, I think you either have to enlarge your sprite to fit the text at a decent size, choose a different font β€” Itch has some good fonts legible at very small font sizes, but if you google Pixel art font, there are a lot of places that have free to use ones β€” or you have to write it out yourself as small as you can get.

The anti-aliasing option can also make the text a bit more readable, but usually only looks okay when viewed from a distance, so again it might not be an option for you depending on your use case.

Sorry that I don’t have a proper solution. Hope this helps anyways.

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