The ability to draw or drag selection in front, behind or replace

In RealWorld Paint, you can use most drawing and selection tools and use a feature I like to call “Layer control”, in which you can draw in front of the existing pixels, behind them, or replace them with your color or selection.

(left: paint over, middle: replace, right: paint under)

If this feature is added in Aseprite, this would save time, as of right now, doing this in Aseprite would require me to do one of these two methods:

  1. Put selection A over selection B and cut. Selection B would be moved lower. Paste the selection A and put selection B over selection A.
  2. Create 2 layers and drag the layer that goes on top, then flatten both layers.

sir real life paint seems to be a raster and vector program, aseprite is purery raster, those tools are common in vector programs but arent possible in raster.

i also dont quite get your example here, cause you could just create two layers and done. or sleect something, invert the selection and draw behind it