Theme resets when relaunching

I reset my PC to troubleshoot problems, and in the meantime, I had an old beta of Aseprite installed in %appdata%. Then I got Steam and installed Aseprite (latest update). When I changed the theme, it said that a font named Aseprite LG was missing, but I was able to change the theme. When I close and relaunch, the theme resets every time.

I even cleared the config and removed the old beta version from %appdata%, and un- and reinstalling Aseprite via Steam to no avail.

How can I keep the theme? The theme is called Retro Dragon and the version of Aseprite I’m using is 1.2.40-x64.

Hi @Sagan_Siniard, could you please share with us a link/URL to access/download the theme?

I’ve found a discussion linked from the comments of the theme:

It looks like the theme has some PDF instructions to install the missing font. Did you follow the instructions?

I didn’t before, since I didn’t even realize that there are instructions for that. Now I know and the theme didn’t reset when relaunching! Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that Sagan! <3