This running animation is a bit janky and I don't know what to do


It is much better than my first attempt but I’m still not happy.

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While this would be better labeled with the #artwork category, I will throw my two cents regardless…

The bounce in your character’s step is pretty good, but the arms are quite stationary. If you wish to keep them at the sides of the body, it would help to give them a bounce that follows the body’s, but with a delay of about 1 frame.

The feet don’t swing from front-to-back as expected, they just kind of flail about. I find it helps to draw out the feet first, position them where I want in each frame, and only then draw the legs when I am satisfied with how the feet move.

Another thing I recommend is giving the hardhat a bounce that’s slightly delayed from the body’s. This will help carry the idea that your character has a lot of force in their step.

If you don’t mind, I took the liberty of making an edit of your animation to better convey the suggestions I laid out (I hope this isn’t against community guidelines)…


(It was made with your artwork as a base, so I make no claim to my edit.)

It looks more like a power walk than a running animation, but feel free to take my edit for study nonetheless. If you haven’t already, look up on YouTube how to make pixel animations for any tips that might come in handy. All I can add beyond this is to just keep practicing; you’ll develop a better understanding over time. :+1:


Thanks a lot it looks much better

But how would you implement it. Would you download the gif and import it into asperite or would you download the gof and try copy it frame by frame

Importing a GIF into Aseprite will separate each frame in the animation. From there you can simply crop out what you don’t want to keep, then cut out the gray background in each frame.

At this step, you have the option of saving the animation as an aseprite project file (.ase), or you can copy the cels and paste them onto a new layer in another project file if you have one in reserve.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks. That is the answer I was hoping for.