Tile Edge Check

Hello there.
Is there an extension or is there an option in basic version to easily check tiles’ relation to one another?

I am making two variants of rather big tiles that I want to use interchangeably and checking manually if the edges match is a bit of a hassle.

Would appreciate the help!

Perhaps working on the tiles placed on a Tile Layer would help? You could see them in different configurations there.

I haven’t been following the updates and if the version with tile layer is outside of beta already. I had some problems with betas that cost me some work so i stopped using them. The best thing would be if i had the one tile in the middle and the variation surrounding it like in the tiled mode :D.

Tile Layers are the tool for this task. If you don’t want to use the beta, you’ll have to wait until 1.3 is out of beta. If you need Tile Layers now but don’t want to risk using beta software, then you could look into stable software that already have this feature, such as Pyxel Edit and Pro Motion.

The only thing a script can do that isn’t outright trying to reimplement the Tile Layer feature (but worse, because scripts are limited) is make it easier to move tiles around (e.g. enable snapping to the grid when moving selections, disable it when drawing). Note that it’s already fairly quick to position tiles this way even without a script that automatically toggles snapping.

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