Tile Mode Preview Incorrect

When selecting “Tile Mode,” instead of making the tile you are working on the middle tile in the middle of the other tile previews, it becomes a tile on the side. A little hard to explain.

Here (before and after setting to tile mode for x-axis) - original tile become tile on right. In past versions, it would be the center tile.

I think the only problem here is the scroll position after the tiled mode is changed, because the tile in the center is still the main tile (anyway all tiles should work in the same way, so there is no much difference now, except for Edit > Create Brush).

Also a problem was solved where the extra tiles now are part of the canvas (so you can scroll the whole tiles like they are part of the canvas). For reference #1448.

Just to clarify, you’re saying that the center tile is still the original tile, but that Aseprite is scrolling to the right (in x axis more) and to the right and down (in both axis mode)?

Yes to the first one (the center tile is the main tile), and no to the second, Aseprite doesn’t adjust the scroll when the tiled mode is modified (so the canvas is extended but we are not taking care of the the scroll to match the previous canvas size with the new canvas size, so it looks confusing).

This is just a minor issue, I’ll try to fix it in a future version.

The new version v1.2.6 should fix this issue.

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Yep! Issue is fixed on my end! Thank you very much!

I love this application! Just used it to finish the artwork on a video game me and a few others developed for our group coding project in my computer science degree. Other kids in our class also used Aseprite in their apps as well. Very nice.

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