Tiled warped art displacement

When moving tiled art, it would be nice if it warped around the canvas so that I wouldn’t have to cut. move and paste repeatedly until I die of boredom to achieve some basic translation motion.

Something that now requires multiple inputs and precision control could be effectively achieved by simple click and drag behavior. It would be soooooooo much easier to refine the movement.

You can see that after moving the art, even when on tiled mode, it outputs blank spaces, which is… ok, but not the best option when working tiled arts.

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You can currently wrap it around with a special command you can bind to hotkeys.


wow, that’s already perfect! Cannot thank you enough.

ps: although this is definitely a solution, still I think that while on tiled mode, the wrap could be applied by default.


Thanks, I didn’t know that. That’s really cool!